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This Is How You Sell A Property

Hope you had a great weekend, we were pretty busy showing our new listings this weekend.  And one agent in particular was really selling the listing to her buyers saying some pretty crazy things to them.

I was struck by how douchey and what a hard sell she was.

I have talked in the past about how authenticity is the new currency in sales today.

And I don’t think buyers today are willing to put up with that hard sell.

Unleashed agents don’t go down that road because the hard sell with buyers and sellers doesn’t resonate, especially with a more affluent and experienced crowd.

Giving a fair, verifiable, realistic list of pro’s and con’s of a property earns trust. That’s believable.

Telling people hard facts, even the unpleasant ones, without always attaching the ‘upside’ or ‘positive spin’ earns trust.

You can help them understand ‘bad facts’ by placing them into context, but dismissing them outright as so many salespeople is harmful.

I like it when agents weave in a story about the property, maybe referring to its history, the people who live there or in the neighborhood, the type of lifestyle it offers, the architecture, etc.

When they connect through genuine conversation, espousing knowledge, insights and facts, they are TELLING their message rather than selling it.

Chances are it will resonate more effectively and earn the trust of their audience.

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