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THIS Is How You Win Over Sellers In Listing Presentations

I had a great week this week doing something that I have to constantly remind myself to do. 

Something that is the key to getting great listings and killing those listing presentations every time.

Being authentic.

My buyer’s agent and I just saw a listing agent show my buyers a house in San Francisco yesterday and he was a total douche bag!  So sleazy and aggressive, my clients were totally turned off.

After 25+ years as a listing agent in San Francisco, I can tell you one thing for sure; sellers BS detectors are on high alert.

They know if you are lying, being fake, acting sleazy, etc.  The one greatest way to get them to work with you and feel comfortable and confident is for you to be your authentic self.

And besides, YOU will:

  • Feel self-confident and have more self-respect.
  • Find that others respect you more.
  • Develop greater resilience.
  • Develop more enriching relationships.
  • Start living a more passionate life.
  • Avoid regret later in life.
  • Simply be happier and more optimistic.

So really think about who you are and how you present yourself to the world. 

Is there consistency between the two? 

Be yourself and stop trying to be someone you’re not. 

Your clients will love you.

Your future clients will hire you.

Your friends and family will love you more.

And you will get more listings.  BAM!

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