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This Is “Marketing 101” To Get Listings

So my lease on my car is coming up in the next couple of months.  I used to be really into autos and really into all the new features, making sure I had the latest luxury brand.  And now I could care less.

And the auto companies must know my lease is coming up because I am getting tons of mail and online messages about new cars.  One of them is a company that uses the slogan, “the ultimate driving machine”….and you probably know which company that is.  BMW.

And their brainwashing works.  Every time I see that phrase, in my mail, online, I instantly know what company that is.

And Unleashed listing agents know to do the same thing.

Cement their brand.

We should all be doing this with our past clients, family and friends.  Making sure they all know to associate the word “real estate” with “your name”.

In the good old days when I first started, I did this with newsletters.  I actually printed and snail-mailed a monthly newsletter that I sent out to my SOI, my center of influence, which consisted of everyone I knew in my life.  This included family, friends, business acquaintances, past clients, future clients, leads, etc.

Today, many of you, myself included, email your SOI on a regular basis.  I send out an email every week.

We all HAVE to do this.  It’s a requirement of being a listing agent.

And it really DOES NOT matter what you send them.  Don’t agonize over the content and make yourself crazy.  It can be about the market, houses you sold, a house you’re listing, a cake recipe, it’s doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that your cement that association of your “name” with the word “real estate” consistently?

That is “real estate sales” 101. 

So make sure you start your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly communication to your SOI.  And the most important thing is to be consistent about it.

Do that so your peeps know you are the Unleashed listing agent you are.

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