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This is NOT the Listing Agent You Want to Be

This weekend was crazy with my “Collective” calls to agents, had so much fun!  If you’re not in the “Collective” you’re just not part of the “cool” group of Epic listing agents!  LOL!

And if you’re not taking the high road as a listing agent, it can come back and bite you.

I have personally seen listing agents bad-mouth other listing agents and that’s never a good idea.

I can’t tell you how many times sellers talk about other agents in front of me, especially in listing presentations.  I am sure it’s happened to you as well, no?

I always take the high road and say nothing.

I had a seller just do this to me last week.  She said that this particular listing agent was unethical and she was saying bad things about what the agent did and said.

And I said nothing.  You can always just say, “I am so sorry to hear that, but I am not commenting on that agent.”

I will tell you, that in the seller’s eyes, you will come out looking a lot better if you say nothing.

Sellers want to know you will be discrete and not bad-mouth them or other agents.

So, I know it’s tempting to go off and start talking smack about other agents. 

But don’t do it.

It’s not good for your seller relationship.

It’s not good for your agent relationships.

And it’s not good for our industry.

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