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This Is The BEST Way To Get Listings

Today is the last day of my 5-day fast and boy it’s been a challenge at times and amazing at times.  Feeling like a million dollars and so many benefits with my sleep, clarity, focus and weight loss.  But couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and friends.

If you want to know more about how I did a 5-day fast while eating a low-calorie diet, shoot me an email and I will send you the info.  It’s a 5-day intake of food that mimics all the benefits of a 5-day water fast.

And one way for us to get the support of others in getting listings is to really increase our referrals in our listing business.  I am always talking about ways to do this.

Robert Refkin, President of Compass just sent an email about this week which I wanted to pass along to you.  Here are some of his ideas:

1. Focus on the 3 to 6 months after closing a sale to pursue a referral. Even though you need to focus on your current clients, it can really pay off to follow up with recently closed clients and check in on their home and their experience settling in. One nice way to open the door to a referral is by asking if they know anyone who’d be interested in learning the current value of their home while you’re doing fall market CMAs.

2. Create a yearlong marketing plan for your entire sphere of influence. As one manager said to me, “The CRM is the grease that makes the flywheel spin.” Communicating consistently is key, but mix up your methods over the year — email, postcards, phone calls, social media — and make sure that each message is interesting to your contacts and conveys your strengths and brand. Is it your personal knowledge of the community? Your deep expertise in real estate? Your tenacious negotiation? Your thoughtfulness and care? Build your marketing around what makes you stand out.

3. Reach out to individual contacts around particular events in their lives. Maybe a special note on a birthday, a CMA pegged to their 1-year anniversary of buying or selling, the first day of school for the parents in your network. These personal touches are the ones people really remember and appreciate.

4. Build your own national referral network. Take time to reach out to other agents in the country.  Introduce yourself to them.

5. Send dedicated emails to your contacts featuring beautiful, exclusive listings from other markets. Mention that you know excellent agents across the country and offer to refer anyone who’s interested. Take the time to choose listings that evoke the feel of whatever markets you’re highlighting to get people’s imaginations going.

6. With referrals, speed matters. If a client asks you for a referral in another market, you should aim to connect them to a qualified agent within 10 minutes, if not faster.

Just some ideas to boost your referrals to get listings. 

As I have always said before, your referrals business and your work in your SOI area should be the foundation of any kick-ass listing business.

How are you working your business to get more referrals?

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