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This Is The Biggest Key In Getting More Listings

Just finished a 5-day fast last Saturday and still feeling the benefits of it today.  The fast is based on Dr. Valter Longo Ph.D.’s book “The Longevity Diet” which is a great way to eat, not really a diet but a way of life to eating.

Once again, it affirmed to me that there is ONE single most important thing to getting new listings and being an Agent Unleashed.

Good health.

Without good health, none of us listing agents would be having a bomb-ass listing business.  I know I am preaching to the choir with many of you, but having good health, mentally and physically is KEY to rocking your real estate business.

Just so you know, before you blow off fasting as a gimmick or a fad or bullshit, fasting:

• Boosts weight loss

• Increases energy

• Promotes cellular repair and autophagy (when your body consumes defective tissue in order to produce new parts)

• Reduces insulin resistance and protects against type 2 diabetes

• Lowers bad cholesterol

• Promotes longevity

• Protects against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

• Improves memory and boosts brain function

• Makes cells more resilient

And this is all medically and scientifically proven. 

There is a lot to read about fasting, but I have found Dr. Longo’s book to be an easy read, based on science and it intuitively makes sense to me.

So if you get anything from this, KNOW that your health is so precious and it is the KEY to having a great Unleashed business. 

Whether you fast or not, protecting your health is your NUMBER ONE goal in life.

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