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This Is The Key To A Powerful Listing Business

I hope your weekend was amazing!  We had a blast working and taking some urban hikes here at home in Panama.

I have to tell you the most amazing story.  When I was in San Francisco two weeks ago, I met up with a dear friend/client for dinner one night and she told me an experience she had which blew my mind.

She’s an entrepreneur who has been starting a new business and has been struggling with it for 2 years.  As she described it, “I was depressed because things just weren’t working for me, I was working 80 hours a week and was on the verge of bankruptcy.  I was considering suicide.  I didn’t know what to do.”

She decided last year that she was going to give herself one year to make it work, otherwise she would quit.  

The reason for her current depression, fear and anxiety was that year was coming to an end and nothing was working.

And then one weekend, right before that year was up, she took the weekend off.  She talked to a friend that had totally transformed her own life and asked her what she had done.  My friend then researched, meditated, prayed for an answer.

At the end of the weekend, she had an epiphany after praying to God.  She didn’t even necessarily believe in a higher power, she said.  But she decided that she was NO LONGER going to live her life in fear/anxiety/depression.  She decided on THAT Sunday night, that even if her business failed and she went bankrupt, she would be ok.  She would find a way to make money, even if she had to live in a small apartment….she would be fine and she would live and be happy.

She totally let go of the fear/anxiety/depression that was ruling her life.

And guess what?  Hand to heart, she said, “I woke up Monday morning and received a $300,000 contract for a project that was totally unexpected.  And four days later, I received another $500,000 contract that came out of the blue.  I was floored!”

At the beginning of this dinner, we had commented that she looked so beautiful.  My partner and I couldn’t put our hand on it, she just looked different.  

And then after she told that story, it hit us.  She was radiating calmness and serenity which was so beautiful.

This story hit me like a ton of bricks on so many levels.  Because it reinforces something we are always talking about in the Agent Unleashed “Collective”.

You will NEVER manifest anything you want in your life AND in your business out of fear and anxiety.  

That is the message.

Use prayer.  Use meditation.  Use counseling.  Use journaling.  Use affirmations.  Talk to friends.  Do whatever you have to do.  

Just let go of all the BS that is ruining your life and/or your business.  Let go of all the fear, anxiety and depression that is controlling you.  

And see what magic unfolds. 

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