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This Is The Magic Ingredient To Get Listings

Hope you had an amazing week!  I am so happy that I was super consistent with my schedule this week including swimming and prospecting, one of my better weeks.

And it’s interesting that I have been having a lot of conversations this week about just that.

Being consistent.

As you know, being consistent is the key to achieving success in any endeavor.

One of our newer members in the COLLECTIVE, Morshad Hossain (who is a top listing agent in New Jersey, give him your referrals at [email protected]), reminded me of one of the secrets of being consistent in anything, especially prospecting.


You see, disruption is the magic ingredient in being consistent!

In other words, mix up your tasks so that you’re not overcome with boredom.

When I prospect, I have a minimum time of 2 hours every morning.  But I don’t just call expired listings.  I also call probate attorneys, past clients, my SOI and work on my mass emails, etc.

When I work out in the morning, I don’t just swim, which I love, but also lift weights and walk.

By mixing it up in anything you want to be consistent in doing, you have a greater chance of success.

So, make sure you’re mixing up and disrupting your daily habits to stay in the consistency lane.

Figure out what changes you can make to your daily prospecting to make it new, make it exciting.

And above all, do it all consistently.

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