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THIS Is The Most Important Thing We All Need To Get Listings

I recently had a terrible reaction to a shingles vaccination that really kicked me in the butt, I was literally in bed for 2 days.  OMG, I am a terrible sick person.

I did manage to sell one of my large listings from bed which was comical in how it went down.

But this really underscored for me the importance of being healthy, especially as a listing agent.

If you don’t have your health, you have NO business.  It’s hard to have an amazing day when you feel like shit.

So take care of your health and constantly try to be the best person you can be from a health standpoint.

One thing I started doing is really being more conscious about what I eat and drink. 

I look at everything I eat and drink through the lens of do I love myself AND is this going to make me healthy or hurt me.

This also works for working out as well.  View your workouts through this lens as well.  It might motivate yourself to get your happy butt into the gym.

I know that asking myself this question has kept me from eating many bags of potato chips.

So try it for a day.  Because if you really love yourself, you are going to try to eat healthier.

And you know, when you’re feeling great and on top of the world, it’s easier to do all the things that an Agent Unleashed does!

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