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This Is The One Thing That Will Make Listings Magically Appear

I am on my way to the pool this morning and wanted to write you before my swim.  As I mentioned before, I have to stop getting up at zero dark thirty, but this is when I feel so alive.  I know, night owls think I am a total freak of nature.  I get it.

One other thing I get as I am reviewing my goals this month in anticipation of working on my business plan (yes, it’s that time of year) is that there is one thing that really supercharges your goals.

Your emotions.

And I’m not talking about turning into a screaming mess when things go awry (again, who uses words like awry?)

I am talking about feeling passionate about your goals.

When you feel excited, joyous, determined, elated, on fire with your goals, they will manifest much sooner. 

A lot of research has been done on this.  When you get clear about what your goal looks like, you view the goal AS-IF it is already here, connect emotion with that goal and obsess about the goals daily, you will be surprised how quickly they come into being. 

Re-read that last paragraph.  This is the essence of goal-setting.

Don’t worry about the how.  The Universe will take care of that.

Just concentrate on how your goals make you feel and then do the work.  That’s what it’s all about.

This entire exercise is the basis for your 2020 business plan, the basis for your life.

When I am meditating, when I am swimming, when I am awake at night, I am being GRATEFUL for it all and injecting enthusiasm and emotion into my goals.

Of course, one has to develop goals that DO get you excited.

Can you do that?

If you want to see some of my goals and what makes me excited, hit me up here.

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