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THIS Is The Reason You Need More Listings

My partner and I are getting ready for our trip to Detroit to visit my Dad in the next couple of days, looking forward to spending some time with family.

One of my friends asked me recently why I just concentrate on listings.  I concentrate on being a listing agent for the same insecurity most real estate agents have.

Financial insecurity.

You see, I was in real estate when I first started back in 1937 working with anyone that walked through the door for my first 10 years.  And then I received one of the worst phone calls someone can have.  My partner of 15 years had brain cancer. 

I was devastated. 

In and out of comas, the prognosis wasn’t good.  Hooked up to dialysis machines with failing kidneys, unconscious for 3 weeks, it was just heartbreaking.  After a year in the hospital, a year that I don’t remember because I was catatonic most of the time,  he finally finished chemo and all the operations and treatments and was on the mend.

And after 5 years is in remission, he is healthier than a horse!  We are so blessed. 

And you know one of the things I learned throughout this ordeal?

I learned so many things about worry, stress and living.  But the one thing I decided to do was to concentrate only on listings in my business.

I wanted to be an Unleashed LISTING agent.

And why? 

Because I believe we all have a never ending nagging feeling about income inconsistency and security in this business. 

And working a listing business is a better way to have a more consistent and secure income.  You’re always part of the deal. And it seems it’s less work than working with a buyer.  And you can make more money because it’s easier to leverage your time and more business.

So consider concentrating more on listings this year,  in your marketing and in your prospecting.  It will afford you a better lifestyle and a more consistent and secure income for you and your family.

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