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This Is What It Takes To Get That Listing

Hope you had a great week and you’re kicking it in December!  We have to stay focused in the run up to the holidays so we start off 2021 with a bang.

I was talking to an agent in FL and she was telling me why calling expireds doesn’t work in her marketplace.

I asked her how many times she called them and she said 1-2 times.

Therein lies the problem.

When calling expireds, or any other seller prospects for that matter, you have to be aggressive in your followup with them.

Calling them one or two times isn’t going to cut it.  Remember, the money is in the followup.

When I am calling expireds, I have a system where I call them 5-7 times depending on how bad I want the listing, where it’s located, the price point, etc.

Your system can be manual with index cards or a spreadsheet or a part of your CRM.

The point is, you have to call them all the time.

Sellers are liars.  They will tell you they aren’t going to resell or that they will wait till the Fall or that they are going to stay with their previous listing agent.  And how many times do they end up doing something different?

So call them often.  Do it under the guise of just checking in to see if their plans are still the same.

If you really want the listing, go to their home and knock on the door. 

Bring your pre-listing package with you (if you want my pre-listing package to use, hit me up here).  Leave it at the door with a note if they’re not home.  I do this all the time.

I can almost guarantee you that most listing agents will not knock on their door.

Most listing agents will not be aggressive in getting the listing.

Most listing agents will not do what it takes to get the listing.

Most listing agents are not YOU.

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