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This Marketing Technique From 100 Years Ago Can Get You Listings

We had a little celebration last night since we just sold the most amazing home in San Francisco, brand new construction, for $4.9 million.  And our clients, the buyers, couldn’t be any nicer.  Super sweet people.

And speaking about whooping it up, we are super excited about getting a new listing from a super simple and relatively inexpensive marketing trick.  And it’s very old school, like they did back 60 years ago.

Snail mail.

In this day of high-tech Facebook ads, Google AdWords, super sophisticated CRMs, it’s comforting to know that mailing out a piece of marketing material can actually get you a listing.

Unleashed listing agents do not discount the value of sending out something like a postcard to advertise listings or to your farm or to your SOI.

I routinely send out an oversized postcard to about 200-300 households when either getting a new listing or after I close a sale on one of my listings.

I also send out an oversized postcard to people in my sphere of influence every two months just so they remember me.  I only send this to my past clients and to people that have given me referrals.  This is more of a goodwill marketing piece that I hope gets to everyone on my list that I can’t reach with phone calls, or if my email is going into their spam.

So if your marketing is filling up your pipeline in a sufficient manner, don’t worry about mailings.

But if you want another piece of ammunition in your arsenal to get listings, don’t overlook good old fashion mailings.

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