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This One Brain Hack Will Get You More Listing Leads

Had a lovely weekend hanging out with friends, taking long urban hikes and going to a favorite client’s house for dinner.  And this client convinced us to see the movie, “A Star is Born”.  It was a wonderful movie and it drove home something that many of us can use to be Epic listing agents.


One of the things I use when I am feeling down or when I really need to get more excited about a task is to listen to good music.  It really gets me going.

And many of you are asking what the hell this has to do with being an Epic listing agent?

Because listening to music will help you get more listings.

Bold statement you ask?

But yes.  When I am prospecting in the morning, calling my SOI and calling expired listings, I put on music that really gets me going.  Music by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cece Peniston to name a few.

I make more calls, I am more lively and animated when calling and it helps keep me in the “zone”.

You see, music has been proven in studies to assist with “dopaminergic neurotransmission”, which basically means it can cause a giant dopamine release in your brain, and make you smarter and more mentally responsive. Exposure to music also significantly increases blood, which, via something called a “calmodulin pathway”, may cause a reduction in blood pressure and increased blood flow to the brain.

So there is truth to this “music therapy”.

It makes me call more people, be happier in the process and ultimately get more leads.

Do I dare go so far to say it’s the holy grail?

Maybe not.  But it sure is a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

So try it yourself. 

Find the music that gets you going.  Have fun with it.  Make your prospecting sessions more joyful. 

And if you get more leads and listing appointments, you can blame it on Miss Beyonce!

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