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This One Quick Brain Hack Will Get You More Listings

Just finished a crazy good mediation and swim so it’s off to the races this morning!  Love starting off my day right……right for me that is.  When I start off my day like this, I feel so empowered and nothing can get me off my prospecting game.

I was talking to a  super motivated listing agent, an “Unleashed” agent, this week in the “Collective” and we were talking about those days where we DON’T feel like prospecting for new listings.

Hey listen, I get it.  We all have days where we don’t have that fire in our belly to find a new listing.

Am I perfect?  Hell no!  I have days where I say screw it.  This happens especially on those days that follow nights where I eat wrong, drink wrong, sleep wrong, etc.

But here’s the deal. 

We have to have a minimum each day where we do something.  Anything.

So whether you’re not prospecting consistently at all OR you’re having a one-off day where you’re not feeling it, do one thing.

Have a minimum floor, a minimum standard that you have to do every day.

This is a great way to get back into the prospecting game.  Just set an agreement with yourself that if all else fails, you will do something.

Maybe your minimum standard is to just call for 20 minutes a day. Or call 3 past clients.  Or call 2 expireds.  Or 3 probate attorneys.  Or do one social media post.  You get the idea.

By having a minimum standard every day, Monday to Friday, you will feel good about yourself when it’s done, it will give you confidence and you will eventually want to do more.

What’s your minimum standard?

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