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This One Small Word Can Get You Tons of Listings

How is your week going so far?  I am really hitting my SOI hard this week, for some reason a lot of my peeps have come up this week to call.  My CRM tells me who to call when. 

If you wanna know what I say to them when I call, hit me up.

And if you wanna know what I do when a certain type of prospecting doesn’t work, understand this one word.


Pivot is a movement in a different or new direction while keeping one foot (the pivot foot) in contact with the floor (like a pivot in basketball.) 

Here’s a pivot I’ve made just this week: When calling my SOI, I realized that some of my contacts weren’t calling me back in spite of leaving countless emails and voicemails. 

So I thought, why not pivot on these contacts and start sending hand notes to them.  Which we’re doing.

At least it’s another way to reach out to them.

So you see, I am still reaching out to my SOI.  But I just made a slight change in how.

How could you pivot your daily actions into something different?

Instead of calling probate attorneys, how about visiting their offices?

Instead of knocking on doors, how about doing hand drop-offs of your pre-listing package?

Instead of posting pictures of your “glamour” shots, how about posting real pics of what you actually look like?   LOL!

So, are you ready to pivot and create something new?

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