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This Plan Will Get You Tons Of Listings

When I was on the plane last Thursday, I was talking to a lovely young woman about her internet business.  Seems she’s quite successful and she is currently working on her 2022 business plan.  She told me that there are 4 people nationwide working on it and it requires her to travel, meet people and it is 66 pages long.  I was like, huh?

We are so fortunate as Unleashed listing agents that we don’t have to have business plans that are so crazy long and entail so much effort.

My business plan for some of my best years consisted of one page.

Here’s the deal….a business plan is all about you.  For you. About you.  To help you.

Don’t make it about anything else.


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Don’t try to use it impress your manager.

Don’t try to use it to impress your family and friends.

And most importantly, don’t try to use it to bullshit yourself.

I see a plan as a way for you to get your act together.  To crystalize in your own mind, what in the hell your 2022 is going to be like for you.

Forget all the fluff and grandiose language and formats.

Go somewhere quiet and take a block of time, could be as little as 2 hours, and really envision what you can and want to do for next year.

BRIEFLY, summarize your current year results.

BRIEFLY, set out you next year unit and income goals.

BRIEFLY, summarize your marketing plan.

And challenge yourself.  Be real.  Change up your marketing.  What’s working, what’s not working?

And remember, this is a breathing living organic document that you should be reviewing every week, every month. Keep it with you all the time.  I keep my plan near me on my desk.

Change it all the time.  It’s not something you put together in December and then pull it out again in 12 months.

Don’t make it a huge looming project.  Have fun with it, play around with it.  Talk to your manager about it.  Talk to your family and friends about it.

My plan is so short, sweet, exciting, exhilarating and fun.  If you want to see the format I use, hit me up here.  

Get “jiggy” with it!

Do your plan this week.

Have fun with it.

And make it your roadmap to a kickass 2022!

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