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This Routine Will Guarantee You Listings

I just had a great interview that I did with a super cool buddy of mine in Key West, Josh Koerpel, on Saturday.  And one of the things we kept talking about is why it’s super important for us all to have a tight consistent routine in the mornings.

I like saying, “Your success in life is determined by your routines!”

And for Unleashed listing agents, that means one thing.

Getting your prospecting done first thing in the morning.

I talked to two listing agents who are quite successful in their markets and their biggest complaint is that there is no time for them to get new listings.  They go from feast to famine, not consistently filling up their pipeline with listing leads.

I know personally what that’s like.  It happens to all of us.

You have 2, 5, 10 listings and you wake up one day and they’re all closed and you are dead in the water.

That is why I prospect from 8:30ish to 10:30ish every day, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

Am I perfect doing this? 


But I am perfect doing this about 80% of the time.

Filling my pipeline with listing leads and prospects.

You don’t have time?

Do it first thing in the morning consistently.  Start out calling you SOI, expireds, cold calls, Facebook ads, door knocking, whatever you choose to do, do it first thing.

You have other stuff going on? 

Cancel it or reschedule it or get up earlier and do it, but make it happen.

This is your life.

This is your business.

This is KEY to being an Unleashed listing agent.

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