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This Scoreboard Will Make You A Listing Powerhouse!

Just had a very interesting meeting with my spiritual coach.   She asked me a very good question and that was, “How good do you want to be?”  I have to say, as innocuous as the question was, it really hit me on a deeper level.

I interpreted it to mean, “ What am I willing to demand of myself?”

You want to be the best as part of your business planning and goal-setting for your listing business.  You want to maybe beat out others in your office.  Maybe you want to increase your income by 20%.  Maybe you want to increase your average sales price by 30%.  All these are fine and admirable goals.

I have these types of goals as well.  But then I started thinking, what am I willing to do to not only achieve my outer goals, like those in the preceding paragraph but to achieve my internal goals as a person?  

As Nick Saban, the coach at Alabama said, “What is a player or a coach willing to demand of themselves? What mark are they aiming for—pretty good, really good, the best?”

It goes back to the inner scoreboard versus the outer scoreboard. Which one is more important? If you’re going to accomplish your goals, it’s always the inner scoreboard that is more important.

As the Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”

Maybe I am having a deep moment of clarity or maybe I am just high.  It seems to me that for us to become Unleashed listing agents, we need to concentrate more on the inner scoreboard.  

As Marie Forleo says, “How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do?”

How would you?

For me, it means really concentrating on my health.  Focusing on what I eat and drink.  Being happier and more engaged with my clients, family, and friends.   Working out more.  Meditating more.  

These are the things that will translate into my achieving my outer goals.  My outer scoreboard is dependent on my inner scoreboard working like a million-dollar hooker!

Meditate and think about your inner scoreboard.  What do you need to work on so that your outer scoreboard is rocking it?  

Besides, which scoreboard will you be happier achieving?

So, let all of us really take this to heart when talking about how we are going to make this year, 2023, our most epic listing year ever!

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