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This Simple Technique Will Get You More Listings

Wow it’s been a crazy time this week back in San Francisco!  I have pretty much every lunch and dinner scheduled with clients and it’s exhausting but fun. 

You know, in my 80 IQ brain, I have to keep my real estate listing business simple.  

I have seen some agents with schedules and 30-page marketing plans that would make the Google management team proud with teams and assistants galore.

Me?  I keep it simple.

I do emails right after starting my morning out with meditation, yoga, exercise, journaling, a healthy breakfast and then I prospect for new listings from 8:30ish to 10:30ish every morning 5 days a week.  Right now, I am working on SOI calls, expireds and probates.

After prospecting, I do admin stuff, call my business partner and then work Zoom calls from Panama or meet up with peeps when in SF. 

If I don’t have any more appointments for the afternoon, I take off and spend time with my partner and friends, go see a movie, take long walks, etc.

The next day, it’s wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s simple and uncomplicated to me.

And right now, I am poised to have a killer 1st quarter.  I probably have about $10 million of listing inventory in the pipeline.

My prospecting is simple and uncomplicated and CHEAP.  Those of you who know me, know I don’t like to spend a lot of money on marketing and prospecting.

Maybe at this point in my life, I don’t want drama and complications.

Maybe I am just a simple person (charming, yes, but simple).

And maybe it’s that things run smoother and it’s easier to get into a routine with your day when things are simple, easy and uncomplicated.

It works for me.

So, distill your day down to the bare essentials so that you can be a massively Unleashed listing agent.

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