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This Technique Gets You Listings and Fun!

Tonight is the night!  We are bringing on the market a significant large home in San Francisco.  We are super excited!  You can see the new listing here.

And we are doing something with it to get listing leads which we love doing.

Throwing a party!

It is so much fun and it’s sure to generate listing leads by inviting neighbors around your new listings.

We invite all the brokers and about 300 neighbors to an evening showing from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. as a “preview” before it hits the market and MLS.

We buy wine and have a lender supply the appetizers.  So for about $100 bucks, we can put together a lovely little party, with music and flowers as well, to highlight the home.

The neighbors love it because they feel they are seeing it in advance which makes them feel special.

And with food and wine, they are more apt to stay, talk to you about their plans and maybe help you sell the house.

It’s a win-win situation for all and it’s fun as well!

For tonight, we are also having the architect who designed the house come over with his team and give a brief talk as to the inspiration behind the house design.

You can use your imagination and do it differently and mix it up.

So for very little money, one can have some fun, meet the neighbors and get a listing lead. 

How can you beat that?

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