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This Time Saver Will Get You More Listings

Just got out of the pool this morning, normally I jump in around 5 a.m.   I know, everyone thinks it’s nuts to do it so early, but that is my routine.  If you know me by now, you know I am a morning person.

I didn’t want to swim this morning, but I made myself and glad I did. 

You see, I have to stick to my routines in life, because my 80 IQ brain doesn’t have a lot of hard drive left to be constantly making decisions about mundane stuff.

And if you google “successful people” and the word “routine”, you will find about 126,000,000 entries.

Successful people use routines.  It’s the basis for their everyday life, like Steve Jobs wearing black mock turtleneck shirts all the time.

Epic listing agents know that getting listings takes prospecting.

And if you can make that prospecting a routine, you are rocking it.

The members of the Top Producer Collective are badass BECAUSE they are establishing routines to prospect.


See what Atlanta agent Kathleen Carmical says about the Top Producer Collective: “I first heard Chris on a podcast and was immediately drawn to his calm and joyful personality- he seemed to have this real estate thing down. I wanted to know his secret.  When I discovered he had a coaching program, I jumped at the chance to work with him. He called me personally and walked me through the program. The training is direct and actionable- but the best part is direct access to Chris. He is so generous with his time and talents. Chris has helped to simplify this business and reminds me that mindset is most important if I want to win at this business and ultimately in life.”  Hit up Kathleen with your referrals at [email protected]


So establish your routines in your Epic listing business.  Develop a schedule that works for you. 

The more things and time blocks you can make a routine in your day, the more listings you’ll be getting.

Now, what did I do with my wet bathing suit?

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