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This Will Get Your Listings Sold!

Had a slow week, what with Thanksgiving yesterday. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are very grateful for all your blessings.

I’m grateful that I just gave back a listing to a seller on Wednesday this week.  This seller, who is a dear friend, was just unrealistic with their price.  

But I did it with such grace in returning the listing, she felt compelled to tell the new listing agent that they had to pay me a referral fee.  LOVE that!

So there are two things only that work when your listings aren’t selling.

Time and price.

In some markets and with some listings, it is just going to take time to find the right buyer.

And price is important as well (Captain Obvious here).

So we need to always be having the price reduction conversation with our sellers.

And the easiest way to do it?

Start having that conversation right from the very beginning.

When I take listings, one thing I always say is, “And if the house doesn’t sell or we don’t get any offers in 3 weeks, we should talk about making a price adjustment.”

When you have this conversation from the very beginning, it’s easier to bring it up later.

Listen, price reduction talks are never fun.

But they are a lot easier if you start from the beginning of your relationship with the seller.

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