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Three Of These Will Make You A Listing Animal!

Hope you had a great week!  We just got a new $2 million listing where the seller is an attorney and very nitpicky about EVERYTHING.  Don’t you love sellers that know more about selling real estate than you do?

There is one thing I am always talking about that is SO important for Unleashed listing agents that comes in multiples (get your mind out of the gutter).

They have multiple streams of income.  

You probably have multiple streams of income with regard to your investments, or you should.

No different with your business as well.

What this means, is that you should have at least 3 different sources of listings.

One of them should be your SOI.  After 30+ years as a listing agent, I am still calling my SOI all the time.  This should be the foundation of any listing business.

And you should have at least 2 other ways to get listings.  

Are you working expireds?  FSBOs? Door knocking? Non-profit boards?  Volunteering at your child’s school?  Facebook ads?  Instagram?

Whatever it is, try to get 3 things and then WORK THEM!

I personally work my SOI and then expireds and probates.  BAM!

Multiple streams of listings are key.

Think about this while you’re contemplating how your results are so far this year and how you can make it your best year ever!  

If you want help in determining what’s best for you, hit me up here.

So, have multiple listing streams.

Be inundated with listing leads.

Be an Agent Unleashed.

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