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Why Taking Time Off Is Key To Getting Listings

Super excited to be leaving for the summer to our place in Panama a week from today.  Lot’s to do to re-settle there and keep the business going from there.  Thank God I have a great business partner who will be my “boots on the ground” here in San Francisco.

Although I will spend 90% of the time working from there, we will take some time off and explore the islands in Panama which are beautiful.

One of my peeps asked me how I could take this time and leave the country when you’re an Unleashed listing agent

I told him that we can’t afford to NOT take time off for ourselves.

If you are like me and are devoted to your clients and work a lot of hours, it is incumbent on you to take time off!

We should all be taking at least one day off a week where you unplug and get away from it all to recharge your batteries. 

And how about taking a long weekend once a quarter to get away from it all?

Or a 2-3 week vacation minimum once a year to really amp up your energy?

I love getting away often.  I spend a lot of time journaling and goal setting and figuring out different and fun ways to do things.  I come back full of piss and vinegar ready to conquer the world.

Your clients deserve it, your family deserves it and YOU deserve it.

What in the hell is the point of making a lot of money if you don’t enjoy it? 

And as I have said before, real estate agents that are available 24/7 need to get a life!

You can always set your client’s expectations as to your availability right up front when meeting them for the first time.

And with the use of partners, like I have, there is no reason you can’t fly the coop for a day, a long weekend or for 2 weeks.

So put your big girl boots on and take time off for your sanity and for your clients.

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