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Tip # 17 – Cheap and Easy to Get Listings

Just got a call this morning from a guy that lives next door to my new listing in SF about listing his house.  Super happy about this call because I don’t know this guy from Adam and only talked to him once in my life. 

Just so happens, he kept my information because I had called him when I had listed the house for sale and he remembered me.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get listings is to call around your listings and sales.

I love calling, say 100 houses around the listing, and saying, “Hi, this is Chris Stafford with Paragon Real Estate and we just listed the condo at 2090 Pacific which is an elegant one bedroom with one car parking.  And I was just wondering, who do you know that might be interested in this condo?”

It’s a super easy call to make, because you are not asking THEM to sell or asking them to buy it.  I rarely get anyone who gets mad about the call on the phone and, if anything, they ask you about  the listing in more detail which many times organically leads you into a conversation about their real estate plans.  Easy peasy!

They are fun conversations to have, its a great lead in to an organic conversation about real estate and it costs you NOTHING.

I have sometimes had people call me a YEAR after I talked to them. 

See, this method of getting listings involves my two favorite words:  CHEAP and EASY.  (Ok, I crack myself up!)

So try it and see for yourself.

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