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Tip #35 – Do This To Get Listings If You Hate Cold Calling

Feeling in the zone this morning.

Worked out, meditated, been eating healthy lately, no alcohol, no sugar (sort of) and been laser-focused on my goals.

And then BAAM, the universe brought me a new listing lead from a call I made 13 months ago.

As I have said before, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get new listings is to call around your listings and sales.

Which I did 13 months ago.  I had a cool condo listing and I called about 75 owners around the listing.  One of them came to see the listing and I remember because this wife went ape-shit for the chandelier we had in the dining room and wanted to know where we got it.

But then they never returned my followup calls and I forgot about them.

But they didn’t forget about me. 

Now they want to list in the next 6 months and thought of me.

Calling around your listings and sales (or even around other listing agent’s listings and sales) is so easy.

I love calling, say 50-100 houses around the listing, and saying, “Hi, this is Chris Stafford with Compass Real Estate and we just listed the condo at 2090 Pacific which is an elegant one bedroom with one car parking.  And I was just wondering, who do you know that might be interested in this condo?”

It’s a super easy call to make because you are not asking THEM to sell or asking them to buy it.  I rarely get anyone who gets mad about the call on the phone and, if anything, they ask you about the listing in more detail which many times organically leads you into a conversation about their real estate plans.  Easy peasy!

They are fun conversations to have, its a great lead into an organic conversation about real estate and it costs you NOTHING.

And you will get leads. 

Even if it’s 13 months later.

So, if you’re cheap and easy like me, jump on this!  wink, wink

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