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Tip #87 – How To Stalk For Easy Listings

Sitting here drinking a cup of warm lemon water and thinking of different ways to find more listings in this low inventory market (did you know that a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning cleanses your body?).

Epic listing agents find different sources for listings.

And one source I have used in the past is to stalk rental property owners. No, not really stalk them, but pursue them.

Think about the scenarios in which a homeowner might want to rent out their property: job transfer, divorce or life change. But in most cases, they are renting out because they couldn’t afford to sell. Their home could have been underwater, or the market simply wouldn’t support the asking price.

Instead of listing it with an agent, they decided to rent it and “ride it out” for a couple of years. Here’s your opportunity to inform them the market has changed and that now it’s a great time to sell.

I know a few agents that have used this technique successfully. I haven’t been all that consistent doing it, but it is a good source for listings. Especially when you can get their info and include them as part of your SOI. And them follow up with them periodically like you would any SOI (you are calling your SOI, aren’t you?).

Are you an Epic listing agent?

Stalk your rental property owners.

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