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Tip #98 – Call These People For Easy Listings

Hope you had a great Halloween on Wed night!  We saw so many spooky houses that night, it was frightening. 

And speaking of spooky, I just sold a property and I am trying to get a listing for a home whereby both properties look like no work has been done to it for over 50 years (think haunted house).

I love finding properties that are so distressed and then contacting the owners to see if they want to sell or even remember that they own this property.

Don’t be surprised, I can’t tell you how many owners inherited property, are older or just don’t care about properties they own or forgot.

So here’s an idea.  How about having your title/escrow company identify all properties in your market place where the owner is out of state?

Or where the owner doesn’t live in the property?

You can then call them directly or mail a compelling postcard to them. 

Find out if they want to sell. 

I can’t tell you how many listings I have gotten over the years from non-resident owners that don’t care about their properties or really should sell.

Epic listing agents know that these are low hanging fruit, just right for the picking.

Epic listing agents also know, that worn down properties are a sure sign something is up.

So call non-resident owners and keep your eyes peeled for rundown buildings.

These could be your next listing.

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