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To Excel, Agents Unleashed Run Out Of F^&Ks

Just had a great coaching call with a Superstar listing agent who is in the Collective and he asked me what I did differently in 2019 with my listing business that I was happy about.

I told him I ran out of F^&Ks.

Seriously, I have tried my best to stop holding on to clients that are toxic, unruly, mean, etc.

I mentioned in an earlier post about psychic energy gone bad.  I may have just made that term up, don’t even know if it’s a thing.

In my mind, it means holding onto clients and listings which suck up all our energy and time.

They are just testing the market, unrealistic about what their home is worth, or just flat out mean.

Whatever it is, you know what I am talking about. 

We spend so much time and energy trying to please these people that are NOT worth our time.

If we fired these clients, we could use that time and energy for much better purposes, like finding more listings, working with clients that love us or, for God’s sake, lying on a beach somewhere.

As you’re contemplating 2020 and your goals, keep this concept in mind, you will love yourself more and love your business more.

So, my 2019 production did increase and I am very happy with my results.

But more importantly, I am happy I fired some clients that were a pain in the ass and had a more Zen year.

THAT is worth its weight in gold!

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