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Do You Touch Your Sellers Inappropriately?

Back in the saddle after a great vacation, feeling energized, feeling rested and feeling on fire to finish off our last quarter better than ever! 

And what about all the stories coming out about the sexual misconduct of A-list power players abusing women and men?  I find it so disgusting that people in power prey on the younger set, I mean how depraved? 

But touching your sellers constantly is what Epic listing agents do all the time!

Not physically goofball, get your mind out of the gutter!

Verbal communication with you sellers is the key EVEN when you have nothing to tell them.

My sellers loved hearing from me while I was gone, even though, some of our listings had no activity. 

Even though we closed 3 deals while I was gone, we still have listings, one in particular, where we are getting no traction.  You know the type.  Whatever you do, you’re not getting a lot of action in terms of showings, offers and open house attendance.

Here is the thing… your sellers constantly and consistently even when there is no activity because they want two things from you. 

Hope and commitment.

They want to know you are PASSIONATELY committed to selling their place.

And they want to know that there is hope and optimism in you finding the right buyer. 

So call them  2-3 times a week and talk strategy, talk price reduction, talk buyer and agent feedback and talk comparable property activity.

Be passionate.

Be committed.

Be hopeful.

And above all, be honest with them.

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