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Touching Bellies Can Get You Listings

Just had a great dinner with clients last night, super healthy and fun.  They are in the process of retiring and vaguely mentioned they want to move to Scottsdale.  Of course, my ears perked up and we invited them to dinner (am I that transparent?).

Our job as Agents Unleashed is to find every possible opportunity to get in front of our clients and our leads as much as possible.

Dinners work.  Lunches work.  Coffee works.  Bringing them reports on neighborhood activity works.  Seeing them at the kid’s school works.

You know who they are.  Your past clients.  Your expired leads.  Your FSBO leads.  Yes, and even your buyer leads.

Find some way to get in front of them. 

Belly-to-belly marketing is key.

You have all heard of relationship marketing and how important that is in today’s day and age.

And there is nothing better in developing that relationship than getting in front of their face.

This is better than calling them on the phone.  Better than sending them an email.  And better than mailing them some BS marketing flyer.

People have BS monitors on high alert for all the douchey things salespeople do nowadays.

Shut down that monitor ASAP by getting in front of your past clients and leads and really caring about them.

That is how you can really develop your relationship with your top leads and past clients.

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