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These Two Words Will Get You Listings

Just finished calling and emailing 15 people in my COI.  Feels great to reconnect with them 3-4 times a year.  Feeling great about finishing this aspect of my marketing each morning even though I am feeling crummy with allergies right now.  But I powered through.

Sometimes you wonder if you’re having an affect on your COI when sometimes you don’t actually speak to them.  Frequently, I am just leaving voicemails or don’t hear back from my emails.

But you have to know you are having an impact.  I remember last year, I was called by one of my first clients.  I had sold her a small condo at 601 Van Ness Avenue.  I remember her because she was one of my first sales about 25 years ago.  She is a nurse and was just so pleasant. 

But there was one problem.  She never returned any of my posts closing calls.  I called this woman for 25 years, every year, 3-4 times a year.  I left messages every time and NEVER heard back from her.  Not a peep.

And lo and behold I received a call her her on a random Tuesday morning last year and she asked me to come over and list her condo for sale.

I was taken aback and asked her, “why didn’t you return my calls?”.  She said she appreciated the calls but she thought she was only supposed to call me if she needed something.  I laughed out loud.

So my persistence in calling her year after year paid off.  I got the listing and reconnected after all those years. 

Perseverance and consistency my friends, those are the Epic listing agent keys in reaching out to your COI.

Now get on the phone.

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