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Use Your Sexy Self to Get More Listings Using This Tool

Having a great time in Detroit helping my parents do some chores around the house, cleaning out closets, talking about old times.  Family is so important and as the song says, do everything you can to bridge geographic differences to be with them.  Until you can’t stand them anymore!  (was that my exterior voice?)

Just had lunch with an Epic listing agent the other day who gave me a great idea.  He just got a new listing from using Instagram.

It’s quite a brilliant idea which again does not cost anything and is easy.  And you know Papa bear loves that!

What he does is to take photos of various listings when he is out and about on broker’s tour.  He concentrates on funny or odd features of a home and makes funny comments about the listing.  He posts these to Instagram and has developed quite a following.

You know how some people love real estate pics, my best friend calls it real estate PORN.

He frequently shows his face in the pic with the house in the background using his sexy self to make comments on the properties.  He has fun doing this and it makes the broker’s tour a lot more fun for him.  And one of his followers contacted him and gave him a listing because of his posts.

But here is the key….he does this consistently EVERY week.

How many times have you heard that from my mouth before?  Consistency is key!

So if you’re going to try this, commit to doing it every week. 

It will be fun!

It will be cheap and easy!

And maybe you can use your sexy self to get a new listing!

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