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Use These Tips To Make Finding Listings Easier

I hope you had an amazing weekend, was super busy here showing properties and dealing with crazy sellers.  I have two large listings coming on this summer where the husband and wife don’t agree on ANYTHING.  Nothing is more fun than getting in the middle of divorced couples. Yeah, right.

One of the biggest problems I get from listing agents who are not doing their prospecting is distractions.  They are constantly getting distracted and pulled away from the task at hand.

Here are some things that help me stay focused when I’m prospecting.

1. Play music

I find playing music that is super fun and motivating keeps my head in the game.

2. Have a calming mantra. 

Post a sign or post-it near your workspace that says something along the lines of “quiet mind.” That will be your signal to take a deep breath and try to relax.

3. Clean up.

Make sure your office or desk is orderly, comfortable and well lit, so you are in the optimal space to be productive.

4. Take it one thing at a time. 

If you feel yourself getting pulled in different directions, just stop and focus on one task until it’s completed.

5. Switch off your cell phone.

This is for obvious reasons.

6. Use the Internet sparingly.

Close browsers you don’t need.  This will help you avoid the urge to go down a browsing rabbit hole.

What do you do to stay focused while prospecting?

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