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Vodka Will Not Bring You Listings

I had a relaxing weekend after a crazy last week.  I was able to take some downtime which I needed.  How about you?

Do you suffer from anxiety?  I used to have panic attacks about 20 years ago which were totally debilitating. Thank God I was able to get over them with healthy habits and medication.

And making yourself super successful in real estate will also bring anxiety as well.  Clients, deals, disagreements, marketing, cash flow, taxes, etc all bring their own challenges.

And guess what?  All those things, with the more business you do, only intensifies.

And your job is to manage not only the work stuff, but manage your stress and anxiety around this.

I have found the best way to do this is to be your best with your health and your mind.  There is no other way (years ago I thought vodka would work…it didn’t).

So eat well, get enough rest, meditate/pray/quiet time, take supplements, affirmations, journaling, workout, etc….you know the drill.

Taking care of yourself is THE only way to manage your anxiety and all your success.

If you ever want to talk more about this, hit me up here.

Oh, and trust me on the vodka.

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