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Walk the Streets to Get Listings

Just got back from the pool where I swam next to an 87yo man who made me look good.  Ha! Gotta take your wins where you can!

And one of the biggest wins I had in my career was a listing I received by doing something so simple.

Walking the streets.

No, not as a hooker, OMG, I know that’s where your mind is.

No, knocking on doors with a really easy pitch.

“I would like you to know about my open house this Saturday and Sunday 2-4 p.m.”

How easy is that?

Walking the streets around your listings and sales is a great way to meet your new potential listing.  And a great way to meet the neighbors and get them to your open house.

And yet, I don’t know why most Epic listing agents don’t do this?

You’re not barging in and asking them to sell their house.  You’re inviting them to your open house.  And I have not really had anyone get mad at me when I do this.  If anything, I have found people to be very inquisitive about your listing.

And if you are doing an open house that is not your listing, all the more reason for you to become a “streetwalker”. 

And in 10 minutes you can learn more about someone, and they about you, in person than in six months online!

One time I was doing this and talked to a woman who is “thinking” of selling down the road in a few years.  I put her in my database and didn’t think much about her as she was receiving my weekly emails and low and behold, she called me to list her condo for sale.

So becoming a streetwalker is a great way to get some exercise, meet new people, make some leads and get new listings.

And you don’t have to do anything naughty in the process. 

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