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Want One To Two Extra Listings a Year For Zero Cost?

Hope you’re having a great week.  I closed three large deals this week, so super happy, but now I have nothing in escrow.  🙁

I’m working on getting some listings on the market asap, so my pipeline is rocking, so all good.  

I received a sweet email from someone that I didn’t know yesterday.  I was going to delete it.  It was from a listing agent in Miami who wanted to refer me business.

I then started to think that this agent is on to something.

What a great way to increase our SOI and ask others from around the country for referrals.

I receive 1-2 referrals a year from agents I have met around the country which is 1-2 listings I wouldn’t have had.

What if as part of our prospecting for new listings each morning we made it a habit to reach out to top agents in other cities and intro yourself and ask them to stay in touch so that you could send referrals back and forth to each other?

I have started doing this and it’s a great way to increase your SOI, and talk to nice people that will actually get you referrals.

I am sure most of you are doing this with agents you’ve met.

But now do it with agents you haven’t met.

Get out there, build your list and have fun talking to other cool agents around the country about their market, how they’re getting listings and then get referrals from them.

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