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Want To Have Listings Come To You Effortlessly?

Had a fun time with the parents in Detroit this past weekend.  We really have to cherish our loved ones, my God time goes so fast.  And we are planning on doing a 5 day fast soon for health purposes, should be interesting.

But there is another type of fast that we can all get behind that really does have great results.

Fasting away negative thoughts.

There is a good intro to this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snn5A-PEDwk&t=4s

Basically, you try to be conscious over a 7 day period of all your negative thoughts and get rid of them.

We all have some much BS going on in our pretty little heads and all the negative thoughts eat up so much energy that we can be using for other things.

It’s really an interesting experiment.  Try it. 

When negative thoughts come into your mind, say, “DO NOT ENGAGE”.

One of our “Collective” members dramatically increased his income this year because of it.

I noticed after doing it how effortless certain things started becoming and happening to me.   Positive things, like getting listing appointments that came out of nowhere.

So try it for 7 days.  Really take it seriously. 

This has the potential to radically change your life.

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