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Want To Know What Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agents Worry About?

Hope you didn’t get too scared last night with Halloween.  Were you scary?

As some of you know, I went to my mastermind group in Los Angeles last weekend.  I thought you would love to see why I paid thousands of dollars and took 3 days out of my life to hang out with these multi-millionaire realtors and business owners. 

These are my distinctions from the weekend:

  • Don’t let circumstances dictate my life!  Be careful of the stories you tell yourself and the MEANING you’re giving it.  Is the meaning I’m giving it make me feel good?  Do a gut check.
  • Do your rituals for the outcome, not the rule (have range, don’t suffer in a rule).
  • The MEANING you assign to your BS, THAT is the wobble.
  • Always come back to your truth.
  • You can only control your efforts and the meaning you attach to things.
  • My Global Beliefs: Either way I win, Everything works out for me, I’m a miracle, There’s always a way and I’ll find it.
  • Your business is a “GET TO” not a “HAVE TO”.
  • OMG, stop being TRANSACTIONAL with my business and my affirmations and my gratitude journal.
  • Don’t lose connection to your dream.
  • Your goal must be strong enough to get out of your comfort zone.
  • “Facts don’t count when your committed.”
  • Choose your beliefs that help you achieve.  Remove the beliefs that don’t support your goals.
  • Get your beliefs in alignment with your goal.
  • Make objection handling fun!  Always keep them in their heart!
  • Play with your big JUICY goal!

Do you get the connection that people in my mastermind who are making $5 to $15 million a year all are struggling with these points and they mostly have to do with MINDSET.  Interesting, no?

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