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Want To Stop Prospecting For New Listings?

Hope you had a great weekend and were able to take some downtime.  I had a magical weekend here in Panama, working all day on Sunday on price analyses and client followup and spending some quality time with friends on Sat which ended with a 9 p.m. dinner outside on a waterfront restaurant terrace under umbrellas in the rain with 80 degree temps….it was so cool!  Still loving being home here in Panama!

I was also talking to one of my dear friends this weekend who’s a successful listing agent in Southern California and she is going through a dry spell.  I asked her why she thinks her biz has dried up. 

She hasn’t marketed for new listings in a while because of some personal issues.

I can’t tell you how many successful listing agents I have talked to who have achieved some degree of success and then they just STOP prospecting and go into a downward spiral.

It’s almost as if they are resting on their laurels and expect business to come to them.

Sure, at a certain point, if you don’t call people in your SOI, some people will remember you. 

But people’s memories are short.

My point is this…..if you want to continue your business and keep it going, you HAVE to do something.

Get off the pity pot.  Push through BS you’re going through and do what Unleashed listing agents do.  They market EVERYDAY.

They call someone.  Call your SOI, call expireds, call FSBOs, call probates, call someone!

Go she a shrink if you have to.  Go see a priest or a rabbi or an imam.  Workout, meditate, find a spiritual partner. 

But DO something.

Unleashed listing agents DO NOT rest on their laurels. 

If you have achieved everything you want in life then stop prospecting.

If you want to work less and work part-time, you have to prospect.

If you want to keep your business, you have to prospect.

If you want to grow your business, you have to prospect.

How are you prospecting?

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