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We All Need This One Thing in Our Listing Business Or We Will Fail

Had an amazing conversation with my dear friend Sharon Gist yesterday about taking your power and using it for good.  Sharon and I talk regularly and have wonderful conversations about spiritual principles, meditation, wealth, health, happiness. 

And what hit me like a ton of bricks in our conversation was the amount of support we give each other.

Epic listing agents need support as well.

This is critical in today’s day and age for all of us listing agents because sometimes it feels like we are on an island as entrepreneurs without a lot of people we can talk to about our business.

This is especially true of listing agents like me who work from home. 

We all need to help each other out.  We need to support each other.  We need to answer questions we all have.  We need to motivate each other and learn from each other.

I would even go out on a limb here and say that if you don’t have the support you need, your business will FAIL.

And how can we get this support?

Easy.  I wrote recently about starting a mastermind group, which you can do for free.  Getting support from your mastermind group can be one of the most fundamental cornerstones of your business.

Also, find a coach.  I don’t care whether you use me or not.  EVERYONE needs a coach.  A mentor.  Someone that can show you the way and be there for you.  That’s one of the reasons I created the Top Producer Blueprint course

I have been in real estate for over 25 years.  I started in the business paying a shit-ton of money to a real estate coach for many years.

I still have a coach that I rely on, ask questions of and emulate because this raccoon knows his stuff in a big way.

Join business exchange networks, almost every city in the country has one.  This can be a great source of friends, referrals and a group you can lean on.

Listen, the takeaway here is you need help.

We all do.

Make your life and your business richer, fuller, more joyful and more impactful by getting the help you need.

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