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We All Need This To Get Through The Crisis

Now that many parts of the country are on lockdown like the San Francisco Bay Area, I am talking to agents about next steps and what kind of prospecting we should be doing.

As an Agent Unleashed, there is one thing we can do from home which is super important. 

Call your SOI and ask them if they are ok.

Reach out to everyone in your CRM and talk, not just about real estate, ask them if they need anything.  Are they ok?  Reassure them.

Be kind.

Be understand.

Be compassionate.

Our clients, friends and family need us to help set the tone about what is going on in our country.

They don’t need a crazy panicky realtor right now.

The fundamentals of our real estate market are still there.

So let them know that they need to stay healthy.  Be smart.

And this too shall pass. 

Being a beacon of positivity, kindness and hope is what many of us need right now. 

Oh, and tell everyone to stop watching the news so much.  🙂

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