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What Do Getting Listings and Toilet Paper Have in Common?

Just recorded some new videos, including how to double your commission income, right here, check them out.

And had a super relaxing weekend and saw a feel-good movie called “Mama Mia” and took a long urban hike in the San Francisco.  It was nice to be “off the grid” for a while and take most of Sunday to recharge.

And another nice thing is to know how you define success in your listing business.

And you never truly know, as an Epic listing agent, what success is to you personally UNLESS you have a business plan.

I spent Saturday talking to some of my Top Producer Collective members, which is a select group of Epic listing agents committed to 10X their listings, about their business |plans.

This group of Collective members are truly surprising me with their insights about success and how they’re achieving it.  They are so inspiring!


“I can already energetically feel a shift from the experience and environmental exposure of having you as my coach. This is great but it’s going to get a whole lot better. I’m getting really psyched about the new phase of real estate I’m entering into with your help. THANK YOU!!!!!!!” —- Patrick Reda


You should see some of their plans and how they are going to dominate their markets.

And my point is that Epic agents have a tight plan. 

They know what they have to do, how they have to do it and what it looks like once they are there.

So here’s my point.  Make sure you have a plan.  Know what success is in your mind.  Know why you are doing it.  And know how and what you have to do to get there.

And here’s what scares many amazing listing agents.  The plan you create is NOT set in stone.

Business plans are breathing living organic documents that you review OFTEN and then change those puppies if they don’t work for you.

When I headed up the high tech sector for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in my former corporate life, I reviewed hundreds of corporate business plans.  And the one thing that was understood with all plans is that shit happens.

Things change. 

Maybe you can’t prospect for 2 hours every day consistently, maybe you change it to one hour.  Maybe calling expireds doesn’t work for you after doing it for a length of time and Facebook ads get you better results.

So change your plan!

You are the master of your life and the master of your business and the master of your business plan.

But it’s important for you to at least have a plan so you know the what, the how and the result. 

And it can be all on one piece of paper (hit me up if you want to see a business plan template you can use).

I don’t care if write your plan on a piece of toilet paper.

Just write it down and review it often.

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