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What You Absolutely NEED to Do to Get That Listing

Just lost a listing to another broker in town and I was pretty bummed.  I worked hard to get this listing and the truth is, no matter what I did or said, I just don’t think we had a good connection.

So I screwed up on two points.

I didn’t prioritize being more empathetic with the seller to establish that rapport.  I put too much into how cool my marketing plan is and not listening to what their needs were.

And I let this affect my day.  I was in a bad fricking mood all day.

I have been in this biz for over 25 years.  And I know better.

Establish rapport and get over it already.  Sometimes I need to follow my own advice.

One of the most important qualities you need as a salesperson is one of empathy.  When you empathize with your seller, really listen to their fears, concerns, goals, etc., you can build rapport with them, and they will trust you more. 

So many of us get caught up in how brilliant we are, how great our marketing is, how expensive our suit is, that we miss the boat completely.

So the moral of the story?

Building rapport with you seller prospects is one of the most important things you can do in a listing presentation.

Oh, and if you lose out, get over it quick.  No sense in letting it ruin your day.

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