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What You Should Be Doing Now To Get New Listings

I had a great call last week with a member of the “Collective”, Morshad Hossain, who is an amazing listing agent in New Jersey (send him your New Jersey referrals at 267.642.4821 – [email protected]).

Basically, the message is, don’t give up on your marketing during this crazy time.

During this time, yes, we should be more compassionate and understanding, but we shouldn’t use this time to just stop all marketing. 

Morshad cited a Bain Consulting study that said that companies that give up marketing during a recession tend to die on the vine once the recovery comes into being.

The companies that prospered are the ones that continued all their marketing efforts.

The same holds true for Agents Unleashed.

Stop your marketing now and you’ll be dead in the water once this pandemic subsides.

Again, do your marketing, your calling of your SOI, your expireds, your FSBOs, your social media all through a filter of compassion and caring……but keep doing it!

What I am noticing right now, at least in my local San Francisco market, is that people are still listing their homes, buyers are still buying and we just have to find new ways to sell.

Hit me up here if you want know how I am prospecting for new listings and what I am saying.

We are seeing a twinkle of this pandemic subsiding and starting to see a glimmer of hope that all of our real estate markets are going to flourish when we get on the other side of this.

So keep up your routines, your minimum standards, your prospecting and let’s come out the other side of this in a roaring fashion!

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