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Who Cares If You’re Number One In Your Market?

One of the things I love about Panama is that the people are so caring and so lovely.  You are always hearing “premiso” (permit me or excuse me) and “gracias” and “buenos dias” all the time, even when strangers enter an elevator.  Very caring people!  

And speaking of caring, you should be more caring in your listing appointments.  There, I said it.

I was listening to an Unleashed listing agent’s listing appointment “script” if you will, and I was astonished how this “heavy hitter” went on and on relentlessly bragging about how wonderful she was and how she’s number one, blah, blah, blah.

Sellers don’t give a rats ass about how wonderful you are.

What they do care about is how wonderful you are as it relates to THEM achieving their goals.

Here’s a rule of thumb:  when you are mentioning your accomplishments, why you are number one, why you are so great, so beautiful, so talented, whatever, ALWAYS tie it back to THEM.  How can it help them.

You’re number one in sales in the Universe?  Why is that good for them?

You’re a specialist in your neighborhood/city?  Why is that good for them?

You don’t have to suck up to them and grovel.  Just be more empathetic.

When you are empathetic with them and THEIR goals, they sense that.  That makes them more comfortable with you.  It makes them want to work with you.  It makes them like you.

So stop marveling at how gorgeous you look in your glamour shot and start making it all about them.

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