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Who Wants To Work With Sellers Like This?

I just sold one of our new listings this weekend that was on the market and sold in SIX HOURS.  Yep, six hours.  The second buyer who saw it made a ridiculous offer on the house ($300,000 over asking).  I told the seller, who is difficult, to take it and count your blessings.

Don’t you hate getting difficult sellers?

I know this is difficult for all of us, knowing when to cut bait and let a seller go back to the cave from which they came. 

So at what point does one fire a seller?  After being a listing agent for 30 years, here are some things I consider in this situation.


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When they take up more time then they are worth.  I mean, we are running a business and time is money.  Some clients just suck the time and goodness right out of you.

When they override your recommendations.  You are the expert.  How many of us have had clients that know more than us?

When there is a lack of respect. If your client doesn’t respect you, then why bother?  A good relationship is based on mutual respect.

When there is a lack of communication.  If they won’t respond to you or communicate with you, then that relationship is doomed.

When you can’t stand working with the seller.  To me, this is important.  Life is TOO short to spend time with jerks.

Any of these is grounds for kicking your seller to the curb.

If there are more than one of them, then have some dignity and fire them.

You are too important and too full of respect to do anything else.

Because you are an Unleashed listing agent.

And besides, won’t it feel SO good?

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