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Why New Year Resolutions Won’t Get You Listings

It feels good getting back into the swing of things in the New Year!  Just back from a pre-photo shoot for a new listing we are bringing on the market soon.  We are going to try and sell it off-market before it hits the MLS.

So many of you are asking me what my resolutions are for this year.  And I have the perfect response.

None, resolutions are BS.

Of course, I believe in people and especially Epic listing agents wanting to improve themselves, but resolutions nowadays have become a parody of themselves. 

It seems no one really makes them with any sense of commitment.  And blowing them off is way to easy. 

I read one study that said only 12% of resolutions are successful. 

The problem with them is that most people are treating a marathon as if it’s a sprint.

How about instead, making truly meaningful goals where your intention is to achieve them throughout the year.

Really thinking about what you see in your listing business and your personal life for 2019.  Visualize them, feel them, and get passionate about them.

REALLY wanting a goal, feeling its success and truly living your life as if that goal has already happened is the only way it will manifest.

So stop being so flippant with resolutions.  When all your friends start talking about them, say, “I live my goals all year long, resolutions are BS.”

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