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Why You Need to Shut Your Monkey Down to Get New Listings

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”  Frederick Douglass

Had a great weekend doing some video work for YouTube, sometimes I crack myself up how goofy I am.  Check out the new videos here.

And one of the things that prevent even Epic listing agents from performing and massively increasing their listing inventory is what I call that “monkey” on your back that is constantly saying things like, “you can’t do that” or “that won’t work” or “don’t do it today, do it tomorrow”.

With voices like that in your head, are you really going to prospect for new listings?

Katy Trost with Success Magazine wrote a good article calling it “entrepreneurial anxiety”.

Let’s face it, running your own business, which we are all doing as Epic listing agents, can be super nerve-wracking.  According to Katy, try these things to cool your nerves:

Braindump: write down for 20 minutes everything that is bothering you, just purge.

Meditate:  it’s important to just stop thinking for a bit.

Shift perspective: ask yourself how something will look in a few years to get a different take on it.

Celebrate:  it’s really important to celebrate your wins.

Simplify:  create a simple plan to get you where you want to do in the next 30 days.

Take action:  even taking the first small steps of prospecting or solving your problem can make it less intimidating.

So try these methods to get rid of your “monkey”, calm your anxiety and start on your way to realizing your true potential.

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